Monday, November 14, 2005


I'm trying to change my flippin template to a blue background and i've saved, i've republished, and saved again and the damn thing still wont change for nothin'. Hope this one i'm stuck with will grow on me.
This weekend me and my friends had a sleep over. We used to do it in highschool all the time but growing up and all starts to make you feel silly about certain things. I try not to care because sometimes you just have to realize that life should be fun, and it shouldn't matter what the neighbors might say. Even though I am 22 I still want to dress up every Halloween, I still want to go to the theatre and see cartoons, I still love watching Saturday Morning cartoons and reading " picture books". Time goes by so fast that sometimes i just don't give a damn if i'm being to loud or making a fool of myself in the park. It's fun.


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