Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shooting on Route 1

Me and my friend, Sheila, just went for a drive down Rt. 1 and we found this barn. It was kind of scary, it felt like someone was still there and you didn't really want to look too carefully into the windows or any shadowy area. Even when I was messing around with these shots I didn't want to zoom in and see a face looking back out. It was fun though. The sun was going down really fast and we managed to get lost for a while along the canal, which was enough thrill for one day.

Later that night our friends Amanda,Val and Melissa gave us a call to meet up at a parking lot and just shoot eachother but I didn't have my camera. I luckily had my chip so I just borrowed Melissa's camera and took this shot of the parking lot real quick. There was a crack on the cement that matched up with the tree's shadow and it humored me. How many things in the world do I not see or catch. Simple things that would humor me. I'm very easily amused if you can't tell.


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