Monday, February 27, 2006

Some Rodolfo

Some doodles done at Mike's today.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Final Destination: New York

We were going to the con in New York this weeekend but it started out a little rocky. First I took forever to finish up my comic and Mike was gracious enough to help me put it together. We get all packed up and the car doesn't start. Battery is dead. Awesome. So we take Echo's car. She drove. Yes, yes, we are still alive and I am here able to tell you of my tales.

I did get to see art in some form though, and I met Ryan, really awesome person, and I met Jamars friend Speranza who paints and works for Phat Farm clothing line.

I loved all the graffiti. It was everywhere. I was hoping to see more character type graffiti but there was just a lot of tags. I saw a couple skulls, and teddy bears I just didn't get a shot of them.

Here we are listening to Ryans rockin'. He had some funny shit programmed to his drum set. He's really good. His bands name is Alive is Dead and he's workin on a web site.

This is red bearded scott. He cannot NOT make a face when i take a picture of him.

That night we met up with some people. It was an awesome mexican place. The next morning we all went to a Diner a couple blocks away. Their sausages were awesome. hehehehe....

Ryan, first to the left, cuts his pancakes in a grid like pattern and pours syrup in the very center of the stack. It's amazing. I was just so blown away by his lasor like precision.

Monday, February 20, 2006

At the Diner with Mike, Scott & Echo

My friend Scott Cohn tends to draw a lot of his characters really pissed lookin'. Here's a little doodle just to mess with him. They always remind me of Dragon Ball Z characters powering up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Alan visited me for Valentines Day. I use to catch him sleeping all the time and he's one of the results. He realized I was sketching and he woke up.

In Alans grandmothers basement everything is still as it was before his grandfather died almost ten years ago. Looking at everything in the basement I can get some sense of what kind of man he was.

Night Shots

I went out shooting with my friend Sheila. It was good times. We talked A LOT about everything. It was cold as hell out but I love times like that. She was shooting with her Holga. It didn't have a flash so she would have to expose a frame a couple times.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

For Alan

Done at Alan, Ron and Josh's new place in Pittsburg. We were watching an episode of Family Guy.