Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hot Dog Place

Alan showed me this great hot dog place on 202/Concord Pike called Jimmy Johns. It's been around for a while and there's train set's inside that go around the diner and one spot where you can put a quarter in to toot the horn or raise little pieces of the train. It's simple fun. It reminds me of being little. I love it in there. I really feel relaxed. Their hot dogs are rediculously good. I hope that place stays open a long time. It's been open since, I wanna say, the 1950's. The man who started the place was a photographer who like trains and there's all kinds of photos of the staff for years on a wall and newspaper clippings and old Coke signs it's really a great place.

This week I'm really working hard on drawing out of my comfort zone. I'm drawing all types of styles and trying to draw some thumbnails up for my book.

I just got some photos from Val. These were taken Thanksgiving Eve. We all went to Stewarts Pub & Brewery.The apricot beer there is so good. I hear they have good pumpkin beer as well. I don't really like pumpkin beer though. I drank about a pitcher and a half of that beer. I could have gone forever but I had to drive so I did not want to endanger my passengers. Later that night we all rushed to the Wawa in four packed cars, bought a two foot sub, and some drinks. The deli woman must have been pissed by the time we left. We all went back to Vals and just ate until we sobered up. It was fun, my friend Chris was there, and I hadn't seen him for a long time. He's great, he was first in our highschool class and he's crazy. Good mix.

Val was immitating me here. They say I do that a lot when I'm talking and I get excited about something. What can I say...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fortune Cookies

I got these fortune cookies a while ago and they deffinately fit in with what was happening with me. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

Friday, November 25, 2005

My mom's turkey was the SHIZZNITE!!!

Thanksgiving this year was probably my favorite with my grandmother, Alan, my mom, my stepdad, Jessen(my sister),her boyfriend John, Bianca (my other sister), and my little dog Gucci. It was great. The turkey was out of this world. It was juicy, the mashed potatoes my mom had spent all day working on and she made them so soft and buttery I didn't even need any gravy. Then we had pasteles and aroz con gandules, which is a rice with these little brown delicious beans that just burst with flavor when you bite down. I love just picking out each little bean. It's a spanish rice my mom and grandmother make which i hope to perfect to the way they make. When giving thanks for what has happened to me this year I began to realize I did have SO much to give thanks for. I had an amazing year so far and I'm really greatful. My sister is almost five months pregnant and I can tell she feels a little depressed with the way she looks so I try not to bug her so much about her belly. I would poke and poke at her belly at first but something tells me she doesn't appreciate it. She is my sister and we do bug the shit out of eachother.

This is the beginning of a great pie. My mom loved my very first ever pumpkin pie.I wasn't sure it was going to be good. I kept talking it up to be the greatest flippin pie to exsist.

Step two.

VOILA!! Can you just smell how good it is? I know you can. It was scrumtrelescent!

That's my grandma'! And believe you me, she IS grand! I love her to death. She's such a character.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Harry Potter...

It was flippin' awesome!! I recommend all readers AND nonreaders to go see this movie. They did it just right, very loyal to the book and to its readers. Music was well done. I was a little afraid the music score was going to suck because it was done by someone different. I think the music either makes or breaks how amazing a movie can be. North by Northwest,one of Hitchcocks best movies, was amazing because of the music score. I feel that way about any movie. If the writting is good.
A CD I recommend people to get is Sufjan Stevens. Atleast just check it out.
I'm still workin' with Mike but I'm also helping Scott tone his Turtles comic, which I'm really excited about. Scott's a cool guy and I'm excited to know what it would be like to work with him.

This is my new hat Alan got me. It's becoming my new favorite hat, I have another. A really bright red one I enjoy. Val, Amanda and Alan think I look french with my red one on. I don't know about all that.

My little work area at Mike's is very cozy, he's even made me a little doodle tray. I really feel he's teaching a lot not just on technique but amazing work ethic, and how the real art world is like. He has pushed me, and still is to be the best artist/person I can be.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A good day

Alan sitting on his desk chair. I think he was watching tv.

Little sister watching t.v. at home with my little dog Gucci. My mom named him that not me.

Some 2 and 5 minute poses.

Some figure drawings from Tuesday night. Echo and some other students showed up. I forgot how much fun it is drawing from a live model.

My new art desk!! Mike's letting me use it for a while. I'm glad it's sturdy because I'm sure I'll bang it up a bit.

My little sister at the Delaware Art museum. She's such a little me.

Monday, November 14, 2005


I'm trying to change my flippin template to a blue background and i've saved, i've republished, and saved again and the damn thing still wont change for nothin'. Hope this one i'm stuck with will grow on me.
This weekend me and my friends had a sleep over. We used to do it in highschool all the time but growing up and all starts to make you feel silly about certain things. I try not to care because sometimes you just have to realize that life should be fun, and it shouldn't matter what the neighbors might say. Even though I am 22 I still want to dress up every Halloween, I still want to go to the theatre and see cartoons, I still love watching Saturday Morning cartoons and reading " picture books". Time goes by so fast that sometimes i just don't give a damn if i'm being to loud or making a fool of myself in the park. It's fun.

Friday, November 11, 2005