Friday, November 25, 2005

My mom's turkey was the SHIZZNITE!!!

Thanksgiving this year was probably my favorite with my grandmother, Alan, my mom, my stepdad, Jessen(my sister),her boyfriend John, Bianca (my other sister), and my little dog Gucci. It was great. The turkey was out of this world. It was juicy, the mashed potatoes my mom had spent all day working on and she made them so soft and buttery I didn't even need any gravy. Then we had pasteles and aroz con gandules, which is a rice with these little brown delicious beans that just burst with flavor when you bite down. I love just picking out each little bean. It's a spanish rice my mom and grandmother make which i hope to perfect to the way they make. When giving thanks for what has happened to me this year I began to realize I did have SO much to give thanks for. I had an amazing year so far and I'm really greatful. My sister is almost five months pregnant and I can tell she feels a little depressed with the way she looks so I try not to bug her so much about her belly. I would poke and poke at her belly at first but something tells me she doesn't appreciate it. She is my sister and we do bug the shit out of eachother.

This is the beginning of a great pie. My mom loved my very first ever pumpkin pie.I wasn't sure it was going to be good. I kept talking it up to be the greatest flippin pie to exsist.

Step two.

VOILA!! Can you just smell how good it is? I know you can. It was scrumtrelescent!

That's my grandma'! And believe you me, she IS grand! I love her to death. She's such a character.


Blogger Mike M said...

wow, you look so much like yer grandma!

8:03 PM  

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