Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hot Dog Place

Alan showed me this great hot dog place on 202/Concord Pike called Jimmy Johns. It's been around for a while and there's train set's inside that go around the diner and one spot where you can put a quarter in to toot the horn or raise little pieces of the train. It's simple fun. It reminds me of being little. I love it in there. I really feel relaxed. Their hot dogs are rediculously good. I hope that place stays open a long time. It's been open since, I wanna say, the 1950's. The man who started the place was a photographer who like trains and there's all kinds of photos of the staff for years on a wall and newspaper clippings and old Coke signs it's really a great place.

This week I'm really working hard on drawing out of my comfort zone. I'm drawing all types of styles and trying to draw some thumbnails up for my book.

I just got some photos from Val. These were taken Thanksgiving Eve. We all went to Stewarts Pub & Brewery.The apricot beer there is so good. I hear they have good pumpkin beer as well. I don't really like pumpkin beer though. I drank about a pitcher and a half of that beer. I could have gone forever but I had to drive so I did not want to endanger my passengers. Later that night we all rushed to the Wawa in four packed cars, bought a two foot sub, and some drinks. The deli woman must have been pissed by the time we left. We all went back to Vals and just ate until we sobered up. It was fun, my friend Chris was there, and I hadn't seen him for a long time. He's great, he was first in our highschool class and he's crazy. Good mix.

Val was immitating me here. They say I do that a lot when I'm talking and I get excited about something. What can I say...


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