Thursday, March 23, 2006

Turtle Madness!

I've been toning for about 9 hours straight getting up only to use the bathroom and to eat or stretch. My eyes are thirsty as hell and all I can think of is the Ninja Turtles. You would think that after toning nothing but Ninja Turtles I would be tired of them but I'm starting to enjoy their personalities and doodling them is also pleasing. I think I'm starting to get "Turtle Madness"!!!! I'm starting to think of little stories and little scenarios I'd like to put them in. Odd, no? I think so. I need to just walk away from the monitor for a bit I think. Hehehehehehehehehehe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, it's about time for a little break...


Blogger Jamar said...

i like that little white rimming effect!

Nice times.

8:51 AM  

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